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Son of Hamilcar Barca, brought to Spain by his father (237); went back to Carthage to complete his education on his father's death (228), but returned to Spain to command the cavalry in the army of his elder brother Hasdrubal (224) and assumed command of the whole army after Hasdrubal's assassination (221); pacified northwest Iberia (Spain) in two brief campaigns (221-autumn 220); decided to gain revenge for Roman victory in the First Punic War by attacking Rome's Italian homeland, but since Rome controlled the Mediterranean, he had to bypass the Roman fleet by an overland invasion; captured Saguntum, a de facto Roman ally, after a difficult eight-month siege (autumn 219); left Spain with his main army and entered Gaul (July 218); outmaneuvered P.
247 - 183 bc ) Carthaginian general, son of Hamilcar Barca.
Founded by Legend has it Hercules built the city, then it was rebuilt by Carthaginian Hannibal's father Hamilcar Barca.
A Carthaginian general, he first came to prominence leading an army in Africa during the later stages of the First Punic War (247); placed in charge of the military resistance to the discharged mercenaries who rebelled under Mathos and Spendius (241-237); his triumph in this task enabled him to displace Hamilcar Barca from his position of power; he regularly advocated a policy of friendship with Rome and opposed Carthage's overseas expansion.