William Hamilton

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Hamilton, William,

1704–54, English poet, b. Scotland. He is best known for the poem "The Braes of Yarrow" (1724).

William Hamilton

A mathematician who posed Hamilton's problem.


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Among those interred at the downtown site, occupied by Trinity Church since 1698, are Alexander Hamilton, William Bradford, Robert Fulton, Captain James Lawrence and Albert Gallatin.
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Though independently composed, the articles by Richard Price, Sarah Hamilton, William H.
That complaint was filed November 2011 in the Court of Common Pleas, Franklin County, Ohio (Case number 11CVH-11-13646) on behalf of Ohioans Eddie Hamilton, William Booth and David Baker by attorneys at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP .
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John Prescott took second place closely followed by Neil and Christine Hamilton, William Hague and Vanessa Feltz.
On August 17, 1946, at Pittodrie, the game finished Aberdeen 6 (Harris, Hamilton, Williams, Kiddie, Baird 2), Celtic 2 (Kiernan 2).
Other replacements from Hodgkiss, Hamilton, Williams, Ferre, Thorne, Stout, Sinclair, van Heerden.
Analysing what went wrong in Hamilton, Williams said, ``There were no excuses in our dressing room after the game.
EMBASSY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FIRST RND DRAW (from April 20): O'Sullivan v Henry, O'Brien v Milkins, Lee v Small, Hunter v Hann, Hendry v Murphy, McManus v Davies, King v Gray, Doherty v Bingham, Higgins v Wattana, Dott v Hull, Stevens v Dunn, White v Dale, Ebdon v Judge, Swail v Perry, Harold v Hamilton, Williams v Parrott.
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