Hamilton-Parker, Craig and Jane

Hamilton-Parker, Craig (b. 1954) and Jane (b. 1950)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Craig Hamilton-Parker was born on January 24, 1954, in England. As a child Craig could see lights around people’s heads (auras), and was very much aware of people’s moods. He began a career as a painter but took time out to live for a while in a Kibbutz in Israel. On returning to England, he continued painting and had a show at Southampton Art Gallery. After marrying and becoming a father, Craig had to give up full-time painting and took a job as a graphic designer. He later developed his own advertising agency. The marriage didn’t last and Craig found himself as a single parent, raising his daughter Celeste.

At the time of the breakup of his marriage in 1982, Craig came into contact with British medium Doris Stokes, who urged him to develop his gifts. He then encountered medium Peter Close, whose spirit guide had intimated that Craig should join their development circle. Craig did join it and went weekly to Hammersmith, London, to develop his mediumship. He became a full-time medium in 1990, going to local Spiritualist churches and demonstrating his mediumship.

It was on March 6, 1988 that Craig first met Jane Willis—the date and the woman’s name predicted by Doris Stokes. The meeting was arranged by spirits: Jane’s deceased grandmother told her to go to a demonstration to be given by Craig at Eastleigh (Hampshire) Spiritualist Church. She was to wear a blue dress. On stage, Craig had Jane’s grandmother come through and urge him to speak to “the lady in blue.” He was told that she, too, was a medium and that he should have a sitting with her. He asked her for one right there and then. As it happened, Jane was also divorced. Within three months the two were married, driven by a strong feeling that they had been together in past lives. Jane had two children, Justin and Chantal, but she and Craig soon had a daughter named Danielle. She, too, is extremely psychic, as was Jane when a child.

Both Craig and Jane appear on television in Britain and in America. They have held séances in churches, theaters, and on cruise ships, and did a séance on American television to contact the late Princess Diana. Craig has authored a number of books and they produce an Internet web site that is visited by people from around the world.


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