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Garland, Hannibal Hamlin


Born Sept. 14, 1860, in West Salem, Wisconsin; died Mar. 4, 1940, in Los Angeles. American writer. Son of a poor farmer.

Garland’s first and best collection of short stories, Main-Travelled Roads (1891), realistically portrayed the difficult life of the farmers. The theme of the novel A Spoil of Office (1892) was political corruption in the USA; the novel A Member of the Third House (1892) depicted the pressure of the first monopolies on the farmers. Garland set forth a Utopian plan for a return to the patriarchal structure in the novel Jason Edwards (1892). He continued the theme of farmers in the novels A Son of the Middle Border (1917) and A Daughter of the Middle Border (1921).


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Taking up this thread, the next chapter shows how Hamlin Garland's narratives from the late nineteenth century nostalgically revitalize Jeffersonian agrarianism as a way of crafting a populism that challenges the "economic and literary supremacy of the metropolitan Northeast" (112).
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His writing was admired by such famous novelists as Hamlin Garland and William Dean Howells.
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Of the hundreds of creative types Crane knew in New York, including supporters Hamlin Garland and William Dean Howells and rivals Frank Norris and Richard Harding Davis, not one sustained visibility into our time as Crane has.
Half-way measures, mere ameliorations and secondary reforms, can at any time accomplish little, and can in the long run avail nothing." (76) While many Populists, including Jerry "Sockless" Simpson and Hamlin Garland, championed the single tax, most of the movement's leadership "refused to accept the single tax as the 'universal solvent'" for the problems facing the nation.
Their works are examined in the context of eras of the city's history: 1833-93 (e.g., Hamlin Garland); 1893-1923 (including Henry B.
In A Son of the Middle Border (1917), Hamlin Garland recounts how Shakespeare's lines provided a welcome escape from the monotony of northeastern Iowa farm life during the 1870s.
For the past thirty years, criticism of American regionalism has focused on the late nineteenth century, with works by Sarah Orne Jewett, Hamlin Garland, Mary Wilkins Freeman, Charles Chesnutt, and Abraham Cahan at the center of the discussion.
The small town of West Salem, Wisconsin, turned the childhood home of Hamlin Garland, a novelist who wrote fiction about hardworking farmers, into a museum.
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