Hampton University

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Hampton University,

at Hampton, Va.; coeducational; founded 1868, chartered 1870 as a normal and agricultural school; known as Hampton Institute 1930–84. Founded by Samuel Chapman Armstrong, it was among the first black colleges and also pioneered in Native American education. Hampton's library is noted for its Peabody Collection on African-American history and culture.
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Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hampton Institute and the intimate friend of General Armstrong during the whole period of his educational work.
In turn, Samuel Armstrong, the founder of Hampton Institute, took up his work as a trainer of youth.
It was worked out at Hampton Institute, but it was done at Hampton by white men.
He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from Hampton Institute (now Hampton University).
She studied at the then prestigious North Hampton Institute for Musical Pedagogy in Westfield, MA which later continued to operate on the Smith College Campus and then relocated to the Skidmore College of Summer School of Music.
In the early 1870s, Washington left for the Hampton Institute with the purpose of leaving behind "the degrading influence of the slave plantation and the coal mines.
The second, The Red Moon (1908-1910), takes historical inspiration from the Hampton Institute, where both black and Native American students were educated; the plot follows the love interests of the character Minnehaha, famously played by Abbie Mitchell.
Nathaniel Dett visited Boley and encouraged Perry's family to send her to Hampton Institute to study with him--which she was allowed to do, thanks to her mother's support.
I matriculated to college in 1970 back in Virginia, where I attended Hampton Institute (now University), majored in biology, and received bachelor's and master's degrees in that discipline.
Photographs featured include "The Rebel" (self-portrait, 1896); ones from the Hampton Institute Project documenting schools for African American and Native American youth (she was part Native American); and southern plantations.
Washington enjoyed studying under its branches when he attended what was then Hampton Institute.
On April 13, 1878, an unprecedented event in American Indian education began in Virginia at the Hampton Institute, now Hampton University.
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