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"Well," said the Linnet, hopping now on one leg and now on the other, "as soon as the winter was over, and the primroses began to open their pale yellow stars, the Miller said to his wife that he would go down and see little Hans.
"'Good morning,' said Hans, leaning on his spade, and smiling from ear to ear.
"'Well, really,' cried Hans, 'it is very good of you to ask, very good indeed.
Hans Nelson was half a second behind his wife in rising to the unexpected.
Hans hurled himself upon the prostrate man, striking madly with his fists.
The countryman stopped to ask what was o'clock; this led to further chat; and Hans told him all his luck, how he had so many good bargains, and how all the world went gay and smiling with him.
Hans stood looking on for a while, and at last said, 'You must be well off, master grinder!
"My friend," said Hans, composedly stretching himself to slumber, "it was not nice even to mineself dot I should lif after I had seen dot room wit der hole in der thatch.
Thornton came to, belly downward and being violently propelled back and forth across a drift log by Hans and Pete.
Further, he had no thousand dollars; nor had Hans or Pete.
Hans Van Ripper as executor of his estate, examined the bundle which contained all his worldly effects.
It is true, an old farmer, who had been down to New York on a visit several years after, and from whom this account of the ghostly adventure was received, brought home the intelligence that Ichabod Crane was still alive; that he had left the neighborhood partly through fear of the goblin and Hans Van Ripper, and partly in mortification at having been suddenly dismissed by the heiress; that he had changed his quarters to a distant part of the country; had kept school and studied law at the same time; had been admitted to the bar; turned politician; electioneered; written for the newspapers; and finally had been made a justice of the ten pound court.