Han Fei

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Han Fei 韓非
BirthplaceState of Han

Han Fei


(also Han Fei-tzu). Born 288 B.C.; died 233 B.C. A founder of the Legist school (Fa-chia) in ancient China.

An official in the Ch’in state, Han Fei wrote most of the chapters of the treatise Han Fei-tzu, which focused on the problems of managing an administrative apparatus. As a supporter of despotic government, Han Fei developed a series of specific measures designed to limit the rights of the bureaucracy. According to the treatise, “under no circumstances should a ruler share power with anyone. If he yields to civil servants so much as a grain of his power, they will immediately turn this grain into one hundred grains” (ch. 31). Han Fei’s ideas greatly influenced the world view of the emperor Shih Huang-ti.


Drevnekitaiskaia filosofiia, vol. 2. Moscow, 1973.
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The value of jade can be established from the various stories and legends, the most famous of which is 'Returning the Jade Disc Intact to Zhao State' in Han Fei zi, by Han Fei (d.
[1] But in fact, his thirty selections in Antikchinesische Texte come from Lun yu (3 passages), Dao de jing (3), Li ji (4), Zhong yang (1), Da xue (1), [2] Meng zi (4), Han Fei zi (1), Zuo zhuan (6), Shi ji (1), Xun zi (2), Mo zi (1), and--surprisingly--Shi jing (1), i.e., narrowing the focus very much to that of his two recent predecessors.