Hana Matsuri

Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival)

April 8
Hana Matsuri is a celebration of the Buddha's birthday, observed in Buddhist temples throughout Japan, where it is known as Kambutsue . The highlight of the celebration is a ritual known as kambutsue("ceremony of 'baptizing' the Buddha"), in which a tiny bronze statue of the Buddha, standing in an open lotus flower, is anointed with sweet tea. People use a small bamboo ladle to pour the tea, made of hydrangea leaves, over the head of the statue. The custom is supposed to date from the seventh century, when perfume was used, as well as tea. Festivities often include a procession of children carrying flowers.
See also Vesak
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APRIL APR 8 Hana Matsuri. Flower festival celebrating Buddha Shakyamuni's birthday.
Easter Sunday, the Buddhist flower festival of Hana Matsuri and St George's Day are all celebrated in April, while the summer months see Buddhists celebrate Visakha Puja, Druids mark the Summer Solstice and the Muslim festival of Lailat al Mi'raj.