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Incidents involving hand grenades can include World War II grenades being discovered by members of the public, threats to use a grenade where none is produced and intelligence about possible possession, as well as those found to be in possession of criminals.
A lot of approximately 39,000 hand grenades reduced to deafening effect lethality,
And if hand grenades continue to appear on British streets, then our own Army will have some serious questions to answer.
Initial reports claimed the explosion was due to mishandling by officers who were handling the hand grenades.
BEIRUT: Hand grenades and other weapons were discovered in two cars in separate incidents Thursday, according to a security source.
NNA - April 30, 2011 A hand grenade tossed overnight on Tripoli Boulevard exploded with no word on damage or casualties.
Meanwhile, demining groups recovered one hand grenade and fifty-three anti personnel mines from Periyapandivirichchan and Parasankulam areas on the same day.
We thought the hand grenades were fruit at first because they were bright yellow,'' one soldier said.
Yesterday, he found a rusty Mills fragmentation hand grenade.
A Cheshire Police spokeswoman said: ``Any member of the public who discovers a suspected hand grenade should not touch it.
In a separate incident, two paramilitary border policemen are wounded by hand grenades thrown near the Erez Crossing.