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(1) See Apple Handoff.

(2) To transfer from one function or system to another. For example, self-driving cars require a handoff from automatic to the human driver when a situation arises that it cannot figure out on its own.

(3) Switching a cellular phone call from one radio channel to another. Also called "handover," it mostly occurs when a mobile user travels into the range of an adjacent cell. However, when there is excessive interference on a radio channel, switching can occur within the same cell.

The handoff can be managed within the base station; the base station controller (BSC) that manages several base stations; or the mobile switching center (MSC) that sets up and tears down the calls. The switch typically takes place in about a quarter second so that the caller is unaware of it.
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The handover is the formal acceptance by the building owner that construction of the building is substantially complete and that it is ready for occupancy; that all systems have been installed correctly and are operational; and that a handover commissioning record has been completed and is available for the owner.
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This paper proposes a Fuzzy TOPSIS-based handover decision in D2D-enabled multi-tier LTE HetNet.
It has recently commenced the handover of 207 units to homeowners and investors at its Park View development.
Commenting on the Soho Square handover, acting chief executive officer of Bloom Holding, Jeremy Lester, said that the firm had witnessed "high demand" for urban housing.
Concerns about long handover times delaying ambulance responses - as crews are waiting at A&Es rather than able to respond to calls - have been raised by coroners following inquests as potentially putting patients at risk.
The circular, with Reference number SSG/LS/P/C/2019/Vol.1/01, said in a bid to facilitate a seamless transition, the governor had directed that all appointees, serving in various political capacities should submit their handover notes not later than May 10, 2019.
At present, the research on high-speed train handover focuses on the optimization of the inter-cells handover performance of high-speed trains, while the security needs are rarely considered.
Undersecretary for Media Accreditation and Relations Office Feducia Mia Reyes-Lucas said Monday the handover will push through at the Villamor Airbase without the President.
Poor medical handover accounted for >50% of these errors.
In circumstances where an MU shifts from the present A[P.sub.1] into a new A[P.sub.2], an execution of handover authentication at AP2 needs to be activated.
The developer is welcoming new residents with a unique initiative - the Handover Gallery that offers a range of services under one roof to facilitate a seamless move-in process.