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city (1990 pop. 30,897), seat of Kings co., central Calif.; inc. 1891. It is an agricultural trade and processing center of the San Joaquin Valley. Hanford handles cotton, wheat, barley, nuts, and fruits and vegetables. Rubber and oil companies are also located in the area. The nearby U.S. naval air station in Lemoore contributes to Hanford's recreational and retail industries.



a suburb of the city of Richland, located in the northwestern USA, in the state of Washington, on the Columbia River. Hanford, the site of an atomic energy plant, is an important center of the USA’s atomic industry.

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All parties concerned must meet at Hanford High School, located at 120 E.
The hearing, which Hanford did not attend, was told he would introduce himself as "John", an employee of the business, and infer that "David" was the owner.
The epicenter was 50 miles from Hanford, and 20 miles from where the Grand Coulee Dam has since been built.
Its latest venture is a community "growzone" and orchard that has been named after Mr Hanford.
I'm art," the New York Post quoted the 25-year-old Hanford, as saying.
It's the first time that a country has been taken off the list as a result of our working with that country, as a result of that country wanting to work toward progress, wanting to work with us,'' Hanford said.
PEcoS is permitted to treat, store and process hazardous, low level radioactive, and mixed waste on 45 acres adjacent to the Department of Energy's (DOE) Hanford site.
Alongside Hanford, retired jockey Bill Boland and Cougar II, a leading Stakes runner in the early 1970s, have also been inducted into the elite group.
Contamination from the Hanford site that may threaten the Columbia River includes (1) contamination that resulted from disposal activities during the era in which DOE produced nuclear material; (2) contamination that could occur during cleanup activities, such as from an accidental spill; and (3) possible future migration of contamination from waste that will be permanently disposed of on the Hanford site in accordance with the cleanup actions DOE and the regulators plan to use.
They have created nonradioactive chemical mixtures that match those at Hanford and are studying how those chemicals move through uncontaminated soil collected near the tanks.
The current DOE mission at Hanford emphasizes cleaning up the tank, the former waste disposal locations, and the groundwater underlying the site, with the intent to limit the movement of persistent contaminants from the soil column (vadose zone) to groundwater and to reduce the transfer of groundwater contaminants to the adjacent Hanford Reach of the Columbia River.
LANCASTER - Hanford Home Loans is marking 25 years in the Antelope Valley.