Hani Goro

Hani Goro


Born Mar. 29, 1901, in Kiryu, Gumma Prefecture. Japanese historian and public figure.

Hani went to Germany to study philosophy, history, and economics from 1921 to 1924. He graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1927, and in 1928 he became a professor at the Nihon and Jiyugakuen universities. He was also on the staff of an institute for the publication of historical materials at the University of Tokyo. In 1929, Hani helped organize the Institute of Proletarian Science. He collaborated on the editing and writing of a Marxist research project entitled The History of the Development of Japanese Capitalism, published under the editorship of Noro Eitaro in 1932–33. Hani was among the founders of the Society for the Study of Materialism (1932–38). He has written works on the modern history and historiography of Japan and the countries of the East.

Hani was elected to the upper house of the Japanese Diet in 1950. He became a member of the World Peace Council in 1952.


In Russian translation:
Istoriia iaponskogo naroda. Moscow, 1957.
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