Hermann Hankel

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Hankel, Hermann


Born Feb. 14, 1839, in Halle; died Aug. 29, 1873, in Schramberg. German mathematician.

Working in Erlangen and Tübingen, he derived a series of formulas on the theory of cylindrical functions; his researches on the foundations of arithmetic promoted the development of the theory of quaternions and general hyper-complex number systems. Hankel also wrote works on the history of mathematics in the classical and medieval periods.


Theorie der complexen Zahlensysteme. Leipzig, 1867. (Vorlesungen über die complexen Zahlen und ihre Funktionen, part 1.)
Zur Geschichte der Mathematick in Altertum und Mittelalter. Leipzig, 1874.
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This system of equations given in (10) can be uniquely solved, as long as the determinant of its Hankel matrix is nonzero [9].
i] are the ordered Hankel singular values, more generally defined as the positive square root of the eigenvalues of the Hankel matrix H, which is the product of the Gramians:
q] is a Hankel function and q = -i [absolute value of p].
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Together with other leading monetary economists, Hankel went before the German Constitutional Court to fight giving up the deutschemark for the euro.
La curva teorica se obtiene calculando la transformada de Hankel y es posible escoger entre los filtros (corto o largo) de Guptasarma y Sing [9] y el de Anderson [10].
But to the very end, said his sister, Mary Jo Hankel, Ryan continued to believe in God.
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Todd Hankel, officer-in-charge of the Los Angeles Police Department's West Valley Division's Special Enforcement Unit, said investigators found a spray can covered with fingerprints that had been left behind.