Hanna Sawicka

Sawicka, Hanna


(real name Anna Krystyna Szapiro). Born Dec. 19, 1917, in Kraków; died Mar. 19, 1943, in Warsaw. Polish Resistance fighter.

As a student at Warsaw University, Sawicka was active in the socialist youth movement. In September 1939 she helped organize workers’ battalions for the defense of Warsaw against the fascist German invaders. She later joined the underground revolutionary groups. In 1942 she joined the Polish Workers’ Party; she was subsequently a member of the party’s Warsaw committee. In 1943, together with J. Krasicki and others, she organized the Union of Struggle of the Young; she was the editor of Walka młodych (The Struggle of the Young), the union’s central press organ. Wounded while fighting the Hitlerites, Sawicka died in prison.