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(hăn`ō), fl. c.480? B.C., Carthaginian navigator. He founded seven towns on the Atlantic shore of Morocco and probably explored the Atlantic coast of Africa to Sierra Leone.


fl. 250–200 B.C., Carthaginian statesman, leader of the conservative land-owning party and consistent opponent of the Barca family. His refusal to pay the mercenaries of Hamilcar BarcaHamilcar Barca,
d. 229 or 228 B.C., Carthaginian general. He was assigned the command in Sicily in 247 in the First Punic War (see Punic Wars). From mountain bases near Palermo he made repeated raids on the Romans and relieved the Punic garrison in Lilybaeum.
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 brought on their great revolt (240–238 B.C.). He favored expansion in Africa (where he extended the Carthaginian conquests to Theveste) and opposed war with Rome. Hanno's unwillingness to send help overseas was a factor in Hannibal's final failure in Italy.


(hän-nō), city (1990 pop. 73,214), Saitama prefecture, central Honshu, Japan, on the Naguri River. It is a commercial town with a large logging industry.



In Carthage:

(1) Hanno the Navigator, fleet leader in the seventh and sixth centuries B.C. Hanno navigated along the western shore of Africa and founded several Punic colonies. The description of Hanno’s navigation (Periplus) has been preserved in an ancient Greek edition.


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(2) Hanno the Great, viceroy in Libya in about 240 B.C. His cruelty provoked an uprising of mercenary troops and of the Libyan peasantry. Hanno was a political opponent of Hamilcar Barca and Hannibal; during the Second Punic War he advocated capitulation to Rome.


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Hanno and his attendants would first offer the audience a visual image of foreign dress, probably augmented by distinctive features in the mask, particularly the hair or headdress.
In our very first introduction to Hanno, the speaker of the prologue signals his overcharged sexual appetite (104-11):
Like Tom's son Hanno, he symbolizes the decay of the Buddenbrook family.
The timing of this announcement couldn't be better," adds Hanno.
Il volume si chiude, idealmente e di fatto, con una sezione che vede ricongiunti Levi e Scotellaro, i quali in vita hanno mostrato sensibile interesse per il cinema.
Le persone che hanno contribuito a questo volume (da Tullio De Mauro a Massimo Vedovelli, da Monica Barni a Bona Cambiaghi, da Maurizio Dardano a Gianfranco Porcelli, da Vincenzo Lo Cascio dell'Olanda a Bondi Sciarone dell'Universita di Delft, da Paolo Balboni e Giovanni Freddi dell'Universita di Venezia a Marcel Danesi dell'Universita di Toronto), per fare solo alcuni nomi, costituiscono solo una piccola parte di coloro che hanno voluto manifestare allo studioso e all'uomo (per quello che rappresento, come collega per alcuni, come maestro per altri, come amico per tutti) il loro affetto e la loro ammirata riconoscenza.
We're here to fight and obviously it's a pretty big mountain to climb (today), but we just try to face one situation at a time and hope after 40 minutes that we get a good game out of it," Finland veteran and former NBA player Hanno Mottola said.
It was alleged Alexander Bell, 23, of Rodborough Road, Stephen Gourlay, 27, of Outmore Road, both from Sheldon, and Jermaine Hanno, 28, of Geranium Grove, Bordesley Green, arranged the killing in retaliation after they were attacked at a gym.
Khartoum, June, 12 (SUNA)-The State Minister at the Presidency, Dr Al-Rashid Haroun; received Thursday the Norwegian Ambassador to Sudan, Morten Von Hanno, and discussed implementation of the Cooperation Agreements between Sudan and South Sudan State, expressing appreciation over the role of Norway in helping the two countries reach peace and agreement on oil .
They can really see the yellow balls better than the usual white ones,'' said Hanno.
Ospreys wing Hanno Dirksen had scored an early try for the Ospreys, but they sat back on their 13-3 lead and paid the price when Marshall scored and Paddy Jackson converted.