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For a better understanding of what is the dynamics of the effort, it is necessary to clarify the notion of "dynamics." According to the Dictionary of Modern Romanian Language (quoted by Hantan, 2005), the term "dynamic" expresses "a process that unfolds, "," An ongoing process, transformation, evolution ".
The new projects were increasingly more demanding, expensive, and in general more important for Czechoslovak suppliers, with the Tang Shan I and II, Liaoning, and Hantan I and II power plants as the most significant.
Then Danny Thomas fell for two to be followed by new overseas professional Springbok William Hantan, out caught for three.
A combat patrol was sent out to secure bridges over the Imjin arid Hantan rivers, which would be vital in case of a withdrawal.
Were it not for the lightning-fast work of pontoon builders and other engineers, the Hantan River might have achieved what the Chinese could not.