Harald Bergstedt

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Bergstedt, Harald


Born Aug. 10, 1877, in K0ge; died Sept. 19, 1965, in Copenhagen. Danish writer.

Bergstedt is the author of satirical poems and poems about everyday life (for example, the collections Provincial Songs, 1913–21; Wide Wings, 1919; and Songs for All Winds, 1927). His social novel Alexandersen (1918; Russian translation, 1923) is a satire on bourgeois culture. His novella J ø rgen’s Holiday (1919; Russian translation, 1924; made into a motion picture in the USSR in 1930) is a satire on the hypocrisy of the church and its ministers. In 1946 Bergstedt was sentenced to two years in prison for collaborating with the German occupation forces. In 1948 he published the collection of poems Songs Behind Bars, containing meditations about his life and work.


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A classic Danish lullaby, "The Sun is So Red, Mother," was written by a novelist, playwright and poet named Harald Bergstedt and arranged by famous composer and violinist Carl Nielsen.