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Frank McIntire wasn't looking to hear religious sermons when he attended football games at Haralson County High School in Georgia.
This demonstration site was established at Trillium Vineyards in Georgia's Haralson County in collaboration with the University of Georgia (UGA), the Vineyard and Winery Association of West Georgia and Westover Viticulture.
On May 21, Johnny Cook, a driver for the Haralson County School System in Tallapoosa, Ga.
Haralson County (Georgia) Commissioner Allen Poole notes, "There is no doubt we just should not, could not, even try to get a new property or sales tax passed again now.
Following a honeymoon in Jamaica, the couple resides in Carrollton, Georgia, where Catherine is the Coordinator of Psychology Services for the Haralson County school system, and Brandon is a Media/Technology Specialist at the University of West Georgia.
During the Fall 2001 semester, the University Team contacted Haralson County administrators to determine if they were interested in participating in a project to promote university and school collaboration as well as address students' literacy needs.
Linda Lefebvre, Dawn Lands, and Stacy Robinson have become driving forces in Haralson County.
Kiser Creek flows through mostly rural Haralson County, Georgia where it is affected in its headwaters by acid runoff and springs emerging from pyrite-rich schists.
After six years of listening to clergy-led prayers blaring over the loudspeakers before football games at Haralson County High School, Frank McIntire had heard enough.