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netLibrary's advanced security technology insures that the copyright of eBooks is as good or better than hard-copy books.
The irony is that, while electronics are threatening to chase print-on-paper out of some facilities, hard-copy publications are still proliferating.
Once converted, the original hard-copy documents need no longer be retained for tax administration purposes.
Part I of this article, published in October 1995, addressed the advantages of CD-ROM (compact discread only memory) tax research versus hard-copy research, planning a research strategy, selecting the appropriate database (s), search terms and connectors, and constructing keyword search terms.
Proofs can be viewed and managed entirely online, including the ability to make annotations and mark-ups similar to hard-copy proofs.
Publishing Manager imports application files, such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or even hard-copy scanned images, to form a single document.
At the close of the election, printed tabulations provide hard-copy reports with candidate summary totals and other information, such as percentage of registered voters, percentage of participating voters, and under votes.
The 2138CMF scans hard-copy color documents at 600 dpi and 8 bits per pixel, so it can accommodate a wide range of originals.
is a manufacturer and distributor of hard-copy imaging products for commercial and home use in domestic and international markets.
SAS Publishing meets all the information needs of new and experienced users in an array of delivery methods, including e-books, CD-ROM, hard-copy books, and Web-based training.
Currently, when people receive hard-copy bills, they have a tendency to throw them in drawers, wait until the end of the month, and pay them.