Hardware Description Language

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hardware description language

[′här‚dwer di′skrip·shən ‚laŋ·gwij]
(computer science)
A computer language that facilitates the documentation, design, and manufacturing of digital systems, particularly very large-scale integrated circuits, and combines program verification techniques with expert system design methodologies.

Hardware Description Language

(HDL) A kind of language used for the conceptual design of integrated circuits. Examples are VHDL and Verilog.
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ViewSim/HDL is the first commercially available simulator that combines in a single kernel the capability to simulate both hardware description languages used today for high-level design.
The DO-254 Users Group focuses on the application of DO-254 guidelines and implementation issues in complex hardware designs using FPGAs, Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) and design tools.
Historically, a limiting factor to FPGA acceptance for high performance computing has been the requirement that algorithms be substantially rewritten, using low-level hardware description languages (HDLs) such as VHDL and Verilog.
Materials posted online related to Bluespec are course lecture notes and lab materials that include descriptions and information on technology and scaling; area, delay, and power dissipation of gates and interconnect; VLSI implementation styles emphasizing cell-based ICs and FPGAs; hardware description languages (HDLs) including Verilog and Bluespec; clocking, power distribution, packaging, I/O, and fabrication testing.
The PSL version in IEEE 1850 is unique in that it supports formal specification and verification of design intent across all major hardware description languages.
The Celoxica tools give RASC customers an easy-to-use programming environment for accelerating their C software algorithms using the parallel processing capabilities of FPGA without going through hardware description languages.
We've been successfully using this encryption technology with the Incisive functional verification platform using VHDL, and are looking forward to seeing this capability standardized on by all hardware description languages, including SystemVerilog," said Reno Sanchez, director, Microprocessor Center of Excellence, Xilinx.
SystemC goes well beyond traditional hardware description languages by providing an excellent way to code and control these projects as they progress from concept and design to verification and implementation.
Today's Visual ESC offers more variety of architectures and is the only one that supports hardware description Languages (HDLs) as well as SystemC.
Bhasker is an expert in the area of hardware description languages and RTL synthesis and has written a number of books of the subject.
In addition, ease of integrating and migrating a system-level netlist to hardware description languages (HDLs) has been improved along with co-simulation performance to assist hardware designers in the verification of their individual blocks in the platform.
DVCon is focused on the use of Hardware Description Languages and Hardware Verification Languages for the design and verification of electronic systems and ICs.

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