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(all: härgā`sä), town (1984 est. pop. 70,000) and capital of the SomalilandSomaliland,
autonomous region and self-proclaimed independent state (2008 est. pop. 3,500,000), c.53,100 sq mi (137,600 sq km), NW Somalia. It is bordered on the N by the Gulf of Aden, on the E by the Puntland region, on the S by Ethiopia, and on the W by Djibouti.
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 region, N Somalia. It is a commercial center and watering place for nomadic stock herders. The town is a transportation hub and has an international airport. The town was taken in 1870 by Egyptian forces, who withdrew in 1884 to fight the Mahdi in Sudan. The British later took control and, in 1941, made Hargeisa the capital of British Somaliland. The city is the capital of the rebels who declared former British Somaliland region independent as the "Republic of Somaliland."



(Hargeysa), a city in northwest Somalia, administrative center of Hargeisa Region. Population, 50,000 (1972). Hargeisa is linked by road with the port of Berbera. There is trade in livestock, hides, leather, and corn.


a city in NW Somalia: former capital of British Somaliland (1941--60); trading centre for nomadic herders. Pop.: 400 000 (latest est.)
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Business is good," says Zahre, a so-called khat mamma of 22 years who runs a stall in central Hargeisa.
Somaliland can also offer tourists exposure to nomadic and pastoralist traditions; Islamic history, such as the Masjid al-Qiblatayn ruins at the seaside village of Zeila, one of the few ancient mosques featuring two mihrabs indicating the direction of Mecca; and then, scenes like the camel market in Hargeisa, or further afield the escarpment around the Daallo Forest, home to magnificent birdlife and hallucinogenic panoramas.
Dr Chris Smith (University of Sussex) has spent two weeks in Colombo, Dhaka and Hargeisa.
Once there, he became concerned about the terrible conditions and decided to establish a school for local kids about 17 miles west of Hargeisa, a city of about 1.
II apparaTt que le recours a du personnel et du materiel medical s'accroTt quand une fille subit une procedure de mutilation genitale; l'utilisation de la terminologie est cruciale pour comprendre les manieres actuelles de voir la mutilation sexuelle feminine ; la religion represente a la fois un obstacle et une aide d'importance pour l'elimination de cette pratique ; et enfin, les structures sexuelles traditionnelles sont aduellement remises en question a Hargeisa.
When I asked my class at the University of Hargeisa why they believed the situation in Somaliland was so different from the one in the south, the answers I got were complicated.
The Go 2 School initiative is being launched simultaneously in the capital Mogadishu and in Hargeisa and Garowe, the main cities of the autonomous and semi-autonomous northern states of Somaliland and Puntland respectively.
They mainly comprise supplying orphanages, hospitals and schools in Somalia's second largest city, Hargeisa, and other parts of the country with medicine, medical equipment, and other much needed items.
The engineer, who now lives in Hargeisa in the north, said: "He told me, 'Pray for me, my brother.
Now that situations in the country have normalized, Ethiopian will operate daily flights to Berbera, a temporary alternate destination, until work on the tarmac of Hargeisa Airport is completed.
Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, has witnessed a booming informal economy over the past few years.