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see HargeisaHargeisa,
or Harghessa
, town (1984 est. pop. 70,000) and capital of the Somaliland region, N Somalia. It is a commercial center and watering place for nomadic stock herders. The town is a transportation hub and has an international airport.
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, Somalia.
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The capital Hargeysa found itself in the midst of reconstruction at the end of the civil war in the late 1980s.
In this context we will employ the discourse concept to enhance our understanding of current and valid 'truths' about female circumcision among inhabitants in Hargeysa, Somaliland.
Edna Aden's University Hospital in Hargeysa was the base for the study, which took place between October 2009 and August 2010.
One life story that seemed to bring up a number of aspects that recurred in the present research material is presented first to introduce the manner in which the discourse of female circumcision emerged in Hargeysa.
Fighter planes took off from Hargeysa and dropped bombs on the civilians below them.
The violence displaced "a considerable portion of Hargeysa's inhabitants and the entire population of Burco," (97) but traditional leadership reaffirmed their commitment to peace at the Hargeysa Conference of Somaliland Communities in February 1991.
108) The various militia groups were successfully disarmed, and although outstanding grievances could still be exploited in the pursuit of individual or political agendas, (109) guns are no longer visible on the streets of Hargeysa.
The Joint Venture will also rehabilitate the aviation fuel facilities in Hargeysa Airport by the second quarter of this year.
In Hargeysa we are starting to refurbish the old ranks fuel lines and filters.
The company also has a small involvement in a telecom company in Hargeysa, and plans for a construction company are in their infancy.
As a result of the bombings, the towns of Hargeysa and Burco were completely destroyed.
Control over the port of Berbera and its revenues ignited violence in 1992; control over the Hargeysa airport and its revenues created the spark in 1994.