James Hargreaves

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James Hargreaves
BirthplaceKnuzden Brook, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, England
Known for Spinning Jenny

Hargreaves, James

(här`grēvz), 1720?–1778, English engineer. In 1762 he made an unsuccessful attempt to develop a machine for carding, a process preparatory to spinningspinning,
the drawing out, twisting, and winding of fibers into a continuous thread or yarn. From antiquity until the Industrial Revolution, spinning was a household industry. The roughly carded fiber was at first held in one hand and drawn out and twisted by the other hand.
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, and in 1764 he invented the spinning jenny, which resulted in doubling production in the carding process.

Hargreaves, James


Date of birth unknown; died Apr. 22, 1778, in Nottingham. English inventor.

Hargreaves worked as a weaver in the town of Blackburn. In 1762 he constructed an improved carding machine. In 1765, Hargreaves invented a spinning mule that he called a jenny in honor of his daughter, and on June 22, 1770, he obtained a patent on the machine. Owing to the simplicity of its design and the low cost of its manufacture, Hargreaves’ machine was used widely.


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