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see hara-kirihara-kiri
[Jap.,=belly-cutting], the traditional Japanese form of honorable suicide, also known by its Chinese equivalent, seppuku. It was practiced by the Japanese feudal warrior class in order to avoid falling into enemy hands.
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"I wondered if I'd committed professional hari-kiri by entering a reality TV show, but it was too good an opportunity to miss," he laughs.
Put the two ultra-competitive attention-seekers in the same studio, surround them with people who believe they are geniuses, and the pair were always en route to committing career hari-kiri.
Because he won't do the bidding of those who want South Africa to commit hari-kiri, Mbeki has been severally attacked--his crime being that his famed "quiet diplomacy" on Zimbabwe has been an abject failure.
Amarula Ridge nearly committed hari-kiri at Doncaster last month but still stayed on in good style to win the Maiden Chase.
But they wasted an overlap along the right inside Wales' 22 and then committed hari-kiri. Dan Parks fired a woeful pass that was not within five yards of Murray.
Sure, it mightbe unsettling watchingyour pal look as though he's committing hari-kiri before his starter, but his box of tricks comes in handy when you head for the pub later and realise you've forgotten your darts.
But the home side committed hari-kiri after the break by giving away two penalties in five minutes.