Commonwealth Fund

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Commonwealth Fund,

foundation established (1918) by Anna M. Harkness, wife of Stephen V. Harkness, an early Standard Oil investor, "for the welfare of mankind." Its headquarters are in New York City. In 1998 its assets were estimated at over $536 million, and it dispensed nearly $23 million. Contributing in its first 20 years to the early development of child guidance clinics and the strengthening of rural hospitals and health departments, in later years it has emphasized health care services, especially for minorities, and the advancement of the well-being of elderly people and children. It also has an international program in health care policy.
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Hughes has been Queensland's chief nurse and midwifery officer since 2012, has a strong background as a health clinician, manager and educator, has worked as a consultant with the World Health Organisation and received a Harkness Fellowship and a Fulbright Senior Scholarship.
I was fortunate enough to be promoted to get the Harkness Fellowship, and obviously that broadened my horizons--I grew up in Awanui, went to school at St Stephens Maori Boys School --so washing up on a Harkness Fellowship at the Kennedy School at Harvard University in Boston was a massive set of steps.
Seven years later, he was awarded a Harkness Fellowship to America and graduated from Michigan State University with a 'High Honor' after studying for an MSc in criminal justice.
Subsequently his Harkness Fellowship of the Commonwealth Fund provided not only an opportunity to work at the University of California, Los Angeles but support for required extensive touring in the United States, through which Atkins came to know and admire the country and its people.
He held a Harkness Fellowship at the University of Washington, Seattle, and has recently been a Humboldt Awardee at the Deutsches GeoForschungZentrum, Potsdam.
Hughes experienced first-hand the US health system's reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, having arrived in New York the previous day to take up a Harkness Fellowship in health care policy.
In 1951, she was the first woman to receive the prestigious Harkness Fellowship, which enabled her to complete a two-year masters degree at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York.
In 2001/02 she was awarded the Harkness Fellowship in health care policy and studied in the United States for a year at the University of Pennsylvania.