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rock dash

An exterior stucco finish containing crushed rock, large pebbles, or shells that are imbedded in a stucco base; also called pebble dash or slap dash.
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We can take criticism when it is justified because we are our harshest critics," explained Harl.
Oversight of the public's money is important -- especially during times of war," Harl added.
We give the soldiers a way to feel a little bit closer to home," said Harl.
I know of no other company who would do this and also has the special skill sets that enable it to do the work we are doing to support the troops," said Harl.
We have diligent internal controls and a strong corporate Code of Business Conduct," said Harl.
There are many check points within the system," said Harl.
But although outplayed on the opening day when their opponents made 242-4, Harls countered with a 199 response.
Harls skipper Wayne Horwood led from the front - to take them to a match-winning situation - 24 needed and three overs to get them in.