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"She changed her relationship from 'in a relationship' to 'ask,'" remembers Harl, who took her up on that suggestion.
Doctors called with the stunning news that her new husband was an ideal kidney donor, and Harl donated one of his kidneys to her on May 19, 2017.
Joseph Leventhal, director of kidney transplantation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, which performed both Harl's and Vikki's operations.
If a donor isn't a match for a loved one, transplant teams organize swaps with other donors in what Leventhal calls "swaportunities." Harl was willing to donate to a stranger if that meant his wife would get a kidney from someone else, but there was no need.
"I was born with super kidney," says Harl, noting that doctors told him his kidneys were much larger than usual, which meant a bigger scar for Vikki, who remembers waking up in recovery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital to see Harl.
Her parents, Joe and Mary Lynn Marazzo of Bloomingdale, took care of them in their Glen Ellyn home with help from Harl's Uncle Jim and Aunt Sue Rozhon of Glendale Heights until they were healthy enough to return to work.
|cion of the country, they might have slaine ...' - running head: |from the Turke' [BL Harl. 5963, item 347].
Angelo...' - running head: |The deliuery of Malta' [BL Harl. 5963, item 347].
The Bagford Collection also includes, alongside two of the leaves from A copie of the last advertisement (Harl. 5963, items 346-7), a much more complete (although still imperfect) version of this woodcut (Harl.
(8) The revised Short-Title Catalogite entry records these pages as: Harl. 5919/242, 4963/56, 346-7, 5995/26.
4 and 5) from BL Harl. 5963 are both described as item 56.