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see CadmusCadmus,
in Greek legend, son of Agenor and founder of Thebes. Misfortune followed his family because he killed the sacred dragon that guarded the spring of Ares. Athena told him to sow the dragon's teeth, and from these sprang the Sparti [sown men], ancestors of the noble
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Harmonia, asteroid 40 (the 40 th asteroid to be discovered, on March 31, 1856), is approximately 116 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.4 years. Harmonia was named after the Greek daughter of Aries (Mars) and Aphrodite (Venus). J. Lee Lehman associates this asteroid with musical as well as social harmony. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance of Harmonia as “balance between forces, singing.”


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As far as possible I try to harmonise the recital repertoire with the CDs I record for harmonia mundi.
Given enthusiastic responses to Lextar's panel light fixtures, this time Harmonia creates a new market of design fixtures where value innovation is raised ahead of industry," said Emerson Yen, the senior associate vice president from marketing division of Lextar.
More information about Ars Harmonia, the Desmonds, and Pea can be found at:
In the fifth century, harmonia could also refer to the stability and equilibrium of the polls .
To neem oil doses effect on the genotypes, the number of whitefly eggs observed was lower when neem oil dose was increased, mainly in the IAC Centauro and IAC Harmonia genotypes.
It is based on a map of the solar system published in the Harmonia Macrocosmica star atlas by Andreas Cellarius, Amsterdam, 1660.
They signed a deal with Harmonia Mundi after attending the international music conference Midem in Cannes at the end of January.
SHIPS SAILED Harmonia Courier CSL Ride OEL Trust MSC Ayala Chem Norma New Lagand Sun James River Bridge Ocean Flower King Douglas YM Asia SHIPS BERTHED MSC Ayala Cont Bunga Raya Dua Cont MOL Success Cont APL Amman Cont Wan Hai 602 Cont Ocean Flower D.
With the line-up now completed by bassist Neil McAuley and drummer Tom Fisher, their music has been described as ''reminiscent of the music made by Brian Eno and Krautrock pioneers Cluster and Harmonia with an added Beach Boys pop sensibility and a hint of John Maus' idiosyncratic charm.
His new Bristol chamber choir, Harmonia Sacra, featuring members from both sides of the Severn Bridge, will perform the music at All Saints' Church, Oystermouth, Mumbles, tomorrow night at 7.
At certain times of the year, the multicolored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis, comes inside--sometimes in large swarms--to escape the cold.