Harmonia's necklace

Harmonia’s necklace

brought disaster to all who possessed it. [Gk. Myth.: Benét, 442]
See: Curse
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In his description of the parts of Harmonia's necklace Statius refers to the following Orphic/theogonic elements: (1) Morgus the Dactyl (and the story of the death of Zeus on Crete) via the smaragdi; (2) Celmis the Dactyl via the reference to adamas; (3) Athena and the Curetes via the "Gorgon eyes"; (4) the story of the Titanomachy and/or Gigantomachy via the "thunderbolt ash"; (5) the story of Dionysus's death at the hands of the Titans via the Apples of the Hesperides; (56) and (6) the Argonautica tale via the reference to the Golden Fleece (this story vaguely fits the hypothesis because, as mentioned above, both Orpheus and the Dactyls/Curetes figure in it).