Harold Bluetooth

Harold Bluetooth,

d. c.985, king of Denmark. Succeeding (935) his father, Gorm the Old, who had united Denmark, Harold consolidated the kingdom. He tried to assert suzerainty over Norway but was defeated by the Germans. He was forced to accept Christianity, which he introduced into Denmark. While fighting the forces of his son SweynSweyn
, c.960–1014, king of Denmark (986–1014), son of Harold Bluetooth. Although baptized, he reverted to paganism and rebelled against his father, who was killed in battle.
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, he was defeated and killed.
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Harold Bluetooth was king of which country in 960AD?
His descendents included Erik Bloodaxe, Sweyn Forkbeard and Harold Bluetooth - not, I hasten to add, the pioneer of wireless technology that bears his name.
The name "Bluetooth" comes From the 10th century king Harold Bluetooth who subdued warring Factions and united the kingdom oF Denmark.
Apparently Harold Bluetooth was a Danish king who helped unite a couple of Scandinavian countries in the 15th Century.