Harold Hitz Burton

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Burton, Harold Hitz,

1888–1964, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1945–58), b. Jamaica Plain (now part of Boston), Mass. Admitted to the bar in 1912, he built a prosperous law practice in Cleveland and taught law (1923–25) at Western Reserve Univ. (now Case Western Reserve Univ.). He later served as a representative (1929–31) in the Ohio state assembly and as a reform mayor (1935–40) of Cleveland. As U.S. Senator (1941–45), Burton vigorously pressed for U.S. participation in the United Nations. Appointed by President Harry S. Truman to the Supreme Court, he firmly supported the decisions overturning racial segregation in schools and public transportation.
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22 at Word of Victory Church in Redmond for Harold Burton "Babe" Evans of Bend, former 45-year resident of Lane County, who died Sept.
Harold Burton (1888-1964, R-Ohio), were successful in passing the landmark Hospital Survey and Construction Act.
The personal papers of justices Harold Burton and Felix Frankfurter reveal that the latter was "the key figure" influencing the Supreme Court's deliberations and the opinion written by Chief Justice Earl Warren (162).
In 1946, Congress passed the Hospital Survey and Construction Act, which was sponsored by Senators Lister Hill and Harold Burton and is now known as the Hill-Burton Act.
The justice we chose to investigate is Justice Harold Burton.
In his first two years, Truman nominated Fred Vinson and Harold Burton, two men whose mark on the Supreme Court was far from exemplary.
Justices Sherman Minton, Tom Clark, Harold Burton, Felix Frankfurter, Stanley Reed, and Robert Jackson all voted to deny certiorari.
Reverends Harold Burton and Jerry Waters will preside over the service.
WHO: For West employees and families of those injured and lost in the tragedy that occurred on January 29th at the Kinston plant Reverends Harold Burton and Jerry Waters will preside over the Memorial Service.
According to Malcolm "Mac" Bailey, Star Scientific's President (and a fifth generation Virginia farmer who is also the President of the Virginia Agricultural Grower's Association), B&W has informed Star that they have confirmed through their own internal testing what had earlier been verified for Star by the independent analytical testing of StarCure(TM) tobacco conducted at the University of Kentucky, under the direction of Professor Harold Burton.
Mac" Bailey said that he was now able to verify that independent analytical testing of StarCure(TM) processed tobacco conducted at the University of Kentucky's Organic Chemistry Laboratories, under the direction of Professor Harold Burton, reflected virtually undetectable levels of TSNAs measured in parts per billion.
Harold Burton, a long-time professor at the University.