Kim Philby

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Philby, Kim

(Harold Adrian Russell Philby), 1912–88, British double agent, son of Harry St. John Bridger PhilbyPhilby, Harry St. John Bridger,
1885–1960, British explorer, official, and author. He joined (1917) the British foreign service, was sent on a special mission to Arabia, and became the first European to visit the southern provinces of the Nejd.
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, studied Trinity College, Cambridge. A longtime high-ranking member of Britain's MI6 intelligence agency, his positions included head of the anti-Soviet section and later chief liaison between the British and American intelligence services. During his time at British intelligence, Philby worked as a Soviet spy. He came under suspicion when two of his close associates, Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess, defected to the USSR in 1951, but Philby's activities were not fully exposed until he himself defected in 1963.


See his autobiography, My Silent War (1968); P. Knightley, The Master Spy: The Story of Kim Philby (1989); G. Borovik, The Philby Files (1995); A. C. Brown, Treason in the Blood (1995); B. Macintyre, A Spy among Friends (2014).

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JULY 1, 1963: Former Foreign Office official Harold Philby is confirmed as the 'third man' in Burgess and Maclean spy case.
As June drew to a close in 1963, Harold Philby admitted he was the "third man" in the case of British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, who were Soviet spies.