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see HaranHaran
or Harran
, ancient city of Mesopotamia, now in SE Asian Turkey, 24 mi (39 km) SE of Şanlıurfa. It was an important center on the trade route from Nineveh to Carchemish and the seat of the Assyrian moon god.
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, Mesopotamia.
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FaithBridge, a local interfaith consortium in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago, and the Harran Productions Foundation are sponsors for this event.
Anees, a three-year-old bay colt, had a poor debut last month with a 10th place out of 16 runners, more than made up for it in the Harran Purebred Arabian Maiden Plate Div 1 1,400m.
JOANNA VAN GYSEGHEM Joanna, 76, appeared in The Darling Buds of May as Felicity Harran in 1993, in Heartbeat in 2000 and played Camilla Greenwood in EastEnders in 2008.
There is no justification for the Saudi-led coalition forces' attack on the house of the citizen Hamdi Joma'ei in Harran area in the district, the statement said.
Materials: The present study was conducted in GAP Agricultural Research Institute Directorate test fields between the 36Adeg 53' 38" N latitude and 36Adeg 55' 16" E longitude at Harran plain.
Col Harran Mubarak Al Jazie, director of central area police, attributed the decline of such crimes to efforts of the Central Region Police Department.
Colonel Harran Mubarak Al Jazaii, Director of the Central Region Police Department, confirmed that coordination is underway between the Central Region Police and the concerned authorities in order to tighten control over all the farms on the outskirts of the cities of the area.
One Twitter user, Rami Harran, decided to summarize the day's events in an optimistic fashion, saying simply: "If Michel Aoun can become president, you can do anything.
Also on Monday, Syrian soldiers struck militants' sites in farms near the town of Harran al-Awamid and a thermos power plant, which not only left several terrorists dead but destroyed a number of their armored vehicles.
An army unit carried out a special operation against gatherings of terrorists to the west of Rajm al-Baqar area in the direction of Harran al-Awamid town in the eastern countryside of Damascus.
E[currency]ANLIURFA (CyHAN)- Ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit, International Labour Organization ILO Director-General Guy Ryder visited Harran District in Turkey's South-eastern Sanliurfa province on Saturday, (21 May) where he met with Syrian refugees in the camp and heard some of their needs and concerns.
It delivers more nutrition than other common sweeteners and has one of the lowest calorie counts, notes Mark Harran, president of the Spencerville, Ontario-based International Maple Syrup Institute; president of the Litchfield, Conn.