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see HaranHaran
or Harran
, ancient city of Mesopotamia, now in SE Asian Turkey, 24 mi (39 km) SE of Şanlıurfa. It was an important center on the trade route from Nineveh to Carchemish and the seat of the Assyrian moon god.
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, Mesopotamia.
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Ibn Taymiyyah was born in 1263, Harran, Mesopotamia (modern-day Turkey), and died on 26 September 1328, in Damascus, Syria.
Harran Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Tibbi Genetik Anabilim Dali'na Ekim 2016- Mayis 2018 tarihleri arasinda basvurup, ter testi sonucu supheli olan ya da klinik olarak KF on tanisi alan 102 birey (farkli zamanlarda yapilmis iki ter testi sonucundan en az biri supheli olan 40 birey ve klinik olarak KF on tanisi alan 62 birey) retrospektif olarak calismaya dahil edilmistir.
During his trip to Urfa city, besides indicating other places, Dr Asif Jah particularly gave importance to the Harran Museum, which has remained the centre of teaching and learning since the ancient times.
Damascus Countryside, SANA -- Resident of Harran al-'Awamid town, 25 km southeast of Damascus, are dusting off war rubble and cleaning up the severe damage caused by terrorism.
The teams toured Harran and Akcakale's Suleiman Shah refugee camps, in the southern Turkish province of Sanliurfa, where they holed out 180 and 170 food baskets respectively to displaced Syrian families there.
Bu calismanin etik kurul onami, Harran Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Etik Kurulu'nun 01/09/2016 tarih ve 07 numarali karari ile alinmis olup, calisma, Harran Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Psikiyatri Poliklinigi'ne Ocak 2015-Aralik 2016 tarihleri arasinda basvurmus hastalarin dosyalari uzerinde yapilmis tanimlayici tipte bir arastirmadir.
The army men, supported by the artillery and missile units, carried out heavy attacks on terrorists' strongholds from the three flanks of the village of al-Bustan, Harran Air Defense Base and Sama al-Hanidat region in Northeastern Dara'a.
Immediately, before the dust over the defeated Assyrian cities of Harran and Nineveh had settled, Egypt and Babylon went to war over the Levantine provinces of Assyria.
Acknowledgements: In this study, we would like to thank the assistants of the Department of Pediatric Neurology, Harran University School of Medicine for their contribution.
He added that "the security forces in the Command of Diyala Operations arrested a wanted man in Baquba, cleared an area of 6 meters long and 125 meters wide, raised three mines and grenades inside the Harran post, Mandali outlet, opened and searched three roads with 75 kilometers in the Mutibija area, contains 8 cylinders of oxygen and 50 kg bags filled with homemade explosives and detonated a cache to Daesh terrorist gangs within the sector of responsibility./ End
Abdullah Solmaz, Harran University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Sanliurfa, Turkey