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see HaranHaran
or Harran
, ancient city of Mesopotamia, now in SE Asian Turkey, 24 mi (39 km) SE of Şanlıurfa. It was an important center on the trade route from Nineveh to Carchemish and the seat of the Assyrian moon god.
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, Mesopotamia.
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Tenders are invited for Improvement of Harran Gundi Rehman road taking off from RD 0-3100 Mtrs.
Harran, why does only India have a problem for playing in the UAE as Pakistan's home series?
In one room she displays aerial images of the Harran plain taken from a helicopter and a drone, together with photographs of the soil and the products grown in the area taken looking through a microscope.
The player is cast as a soldier who's airdropped into the large fictional city of Harran, Turkey, to investigate the cause of a zombie outbreak.
Harran bin Mubarak, director of central region police station, said they received a large number of complaints from farm owners that their cattle and goats had been stolen from inside the farms.
The film also highlighted the eastern region of Syria where the goddess of Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of sex and love, is still spreading its beauty and glamor over the Euphrates River, showing (the film) the charm of al-Salihyeh, Harran and Raqaa cities.
8th race: Qassy (Harry Bentley) 1, Shaklan 2, Mazzouz 3, Harran 4.
During the daytime, they're mostly content to idly stumble about the city of Harran, catching some rays while they search for their next helping of human flesh.
Set among the fictional shanty town of Harran, this first-person zombie fest casts you as an operative out to infiltrate an undead quarantine zone.
08 (Saba) - Interior Minister Jalal al-Rowaishan dismissed on Thursday directors of the Police Academy Abdullah Harran and of the Police Officers Club, Abdulkhaliq Al-Selwi.
The lead was doubled within minutes as the Bears pushed forward, allowing defensive midfielder Tom Harran to claim a rare goal.
1] Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical Faculty of Harran University, Sanliurfa, Turkey