Harriet Ross Tubman

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Tubman, Harriet Ross


Born circa 1820, in Bucktown, Md.; died Mar. 10, 1913, in Auburn, N.Y. Opponent of Negro slavery in the USA; a heroine of the Negro people. Daughter of a slave.

After escaping from slavery (c. 1849), Tubman joined the abolitionist movement (seeABOLITIONISM). During the 1850’s, she was active in the Underground Railroad; she made 19 trips to the slaveholding South and personally freed 300 slaves. Tubman was a scout and nurse in the Union Army during the Civil War, and in the summer of 1863 she participated in a campaign to free 750 slaves. After the war, Tubman continued her fight against the oppression of Negroes and campaigned for equal rights for women.

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