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town (1990 pop. 13,425), Hudson co., NE N.J., a suburb on the Passaic River opposite Newark; inc. 1869. Harrison's industries include chemicals, trucking and containerized shipping, foundries, and vehicle parts. The town's manufacturing base declined during the late 20th cent., but in the early 21st cent. Harrison began an extensive mixed-use redevelopment of a third of the town. A professional soccer stadium is there.


1. Benjamin. 1833--1901, 23rd president of the US (1889--93)
2. George. 1943--2001, British rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter: a member of the Beatles (1962--70). His solo recordings include All Things Must Pass (1970) and Cloud Nine (1987)
3. Rex (Carey). 1908--90, British actor. His many films include Major Barbara (1940), Blithe Spirit (1945), and My Fair Lady (1964)
4. Tony. born 1937, British poet, dramatist, and translator: best known for his poems for television and his translations for the stage
5. grandfather of Benjamin, William Henry. 1773--1841, 9th president of the US (1841)
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The demand for Harrison Valve has been very strong in the International Markets," stated Ron Barnett, Vice President of Sales for Harrison Worldwide.
Giving evidence via video link, Mr Cash said Harrison claimed to have taken drugs and PS20,000 from the man, who later "grassed" on him.
Mrs Harrison suffered neck injuries and is believed to have been strangled with a piece of washing line found by her body and Mr Harrison was found hanged.
Harrison, who won Olympic gold in 2000, has vowed to quit boxing if he loses for a second time to Micahael Sprott - a decision that will delight many of his critics.
Miller and Lieberman begin Lou Harrison with a paraphrase of a statement that Harrison made to Miller in 2001: "On the question of clumpers vs.
But after dozens of interviews and hours spent poring over hundreds of magazines, I realized that this know-it-all knew basically zip about Harrison, his magazine, or the torrid trial that effectively put him out of business.
From the Streets to the Seats" is an exclusive offer available until June 30, 2007, providing pre-construction pricing, plus design and development elements in both Red Bull Park and Harrison MetroCentre.
But Harrison was back on the field after just a few plays and he and running back Malachi Lewis took over from there as the Spartans clinched their second Pacific View League title in three years with a 21-16 victory over Camarillo on Thursday at Rio Mesa High.
Most companies still do not insure, but that's changing quickly," Harrison said.
Harrison was unwilling to compromise its objective and began discussions with engineers at Dependable Foundry Equipment Co.
Baumann's Harrison District, which for 12 years led the city in homicides, is the testing ground for such efforts.
By aligning her sculptures with the horses and the junk, Harrison reminds us that viewing art is also a kind of bidding or speculating.

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