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village: see LuleälvLuleälv
, river, c.275 mi (440 km) long, rising near the Norwegian border, Norrbotten prov., N Sweden, and flowing SE to the Gulf of Bothnia at Luleå. It has spectacular falls at Stora Sjöfallet, Porjus, and Harsprånget.
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, river, Sweden.



a group of waterfalls of gentle gradient on the Stora Luleälven, in northern Sweden. Harspränget consists of four principal waterfalls and extends for 4.2 km. Over this distance the water drops 75 m. The name “Harsprånget” is sometimes used to refer exclusively to the highest waterfall, where the river drops 27 m over a distance of 370 m. The maximum flow rate is approximately 1,500 cu m per sec. The Harsprånget Hydroelectric Power Plant has a capacity of 350 megawatts.

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Our informant Harry Andersson helped his father to stake out the Harspranget bike trail in 1940.
The contract covers the renovation and modernisation of generating unit No 5 at the Harspranget hydro power plant on the river Lule in northern Sweden.
The remaining part, some SEK210m, has been allocated to the renovation of the Harspranget, Grundfors and Naverede power stations.