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(both: här`dĭkəno͞ot), d. 1042, king of Denmark (1035–42) and of the English (1040–42); son of Canute and Emma. On his father's death (1035) he succeeded to the throne of Denmark, where he was already the effective ruler. In England his illegitimate half-brother, Harold HarefootHarold Harefoot,
d. 1040, king of the English (1037–40), illegitimate son of Canute and Ælfgifu of Northampton. On his father's death (1035) he disputed the succession of his half-brother Harthacanute to the English throne.
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, first acted as regent, then as king (1037–40), while Harthacanute in Denmark was reaching a settlement with Magnus IMagnus I
(Magnus the Good), 1024–47, king of Norway (1035–47) and Denmark (1042–47), son of Olaf II. He was recalled from exile in 1035 by the former opponents of Olaf when they rebelled against Sweyn, son of Canute.
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 of Norway. Harold's death in 1040 allowed Harthacanute to take over the English throne peaceably, although he arrived in England with 62 warships. His reign was quarrelsome and oppressive, but by indicating as his heir Edward the ConfessorEdward the Confessor,
d. 1066, king of the English (1042–66), son of Æthelred the Unready and his Norman wife, Emma. After the Danish conquest (1013–16) of England, Edward grew up at the Norman court, although his mother returned to England and married the
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 he averted a possible dynastic struggle when his own death ended the male line of the royal Danish house in England.
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, Hardecanute, Hardicanute
?1019--42, king of Denmark (1035--42) and of England (1040--42); son of Canute
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