Hartmann, Moritz

Hartmann, Moritz


Born Oct. 15, 1821, in Dušniky, Bohemia; died May 13, 1872, in Oberdöbling, near Vienna. Austrian writer. Born into a Jewish merchant family. Studied at the University of Prague.

In his first collection of verse, Chalice and Sword (1845), Hartmann developed the idea of freedom of the individual; in Czech Elegies (1847) he glorified the Czech revolutionary movement. He celebrated the national liberation struggle of the Hungarian people in the narrative poem The Rhymed Chronicle of Father Mauritius (1849). Hartmann is the author of the novels War in the Forest (1850) and The Baronness’ Treasures (1868) and the collections of stories Shadows (1851) and From Real Life (1866). Some of Hartmann’s poems and songs (“White Veil”) were popular in Russia in translations by M. L. Mikhailov, A. N. Pleshcheev, and P. I. Veinberg.


Gesammelte Werke, vols. 1-10. Stuttgart, 1873-74.
In Russian translation:
In Nemetskie poety v biografiiakh i obraztsakh. Edited by N. Gerbel’. St. Petersburg, 1877.


Wittner, O. Moritz Hartmanns Leben und Werke, vols 1-2. Prague, 1906-07.


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