Harun al-Rashid

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Harun al-Rashid

?763--809 ad, Abbasid caliph of Islam (786--809), whose court at Baghdad was idealized in the Arabian Nights

Harun al-Rashid


Born February 766 in Ray; died Mar. 24, 809, in Tus. Caliph from 786. Member of the Abbasid dynasty.

Harun came to power with the aid of the Barmecide family, which represented the interests of the Iranian feudal aristocracy. Until the fall of the Barmecides in 803, the family provided Ha-run’s viziers and largely controlled the affairs of the caliphate. From 803 he ruled alone.

Under Harun the Baghdad Caliphate made great progress in agriculture, crafts, trade, and the arts, especially literature. At the same time, however, signs of the decline of the caliphate appeared: antigovernment uprisings took place in Deylam, Syria, and other regions. Harun continued the struggle that his predecessors had begun against Byzantium. He died during a military campaign undertaken to crush the Rafi ibn Leis Uprising in Middle Asia.

The idealized image of Harun popularized by the tales of A Thousand and One Nights has been proved false by the Soviet Orientalist V. V. Bartol’d.

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When Harun Al Rashid, for example, suggested that Malek Ibn Anas should debate with Abu Yousuf, then a brilliant pupil of Imam Abu Hanifah, he replied: "Knowledge [aACAyIlm] is not something over which contests ensue, in the likeness of contests between animals or roosters.
The initiative invokes a comparison to 'Bait Al Hikma,' or House of Wisdom--a library and a translation center established by Harun Al Rashid in the 9th century.
Another film in the works is set during the time of Caliph Harun Al Rashid, which portrays the liberalism of the era's Islamic scholars and scientists, and filming may begin in 2014.
So let us hope that brothers Ashraf Khan and Harun Al Rashid decide against closing their Sheldon grocery shop after the second costly raid in two months.