Harvard architecture

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Harvard architecture

A computer architecture in which program instructions are stored in different memory from data. Each type of memory is accessed via a separate bus, allowing instructions and data to be fetched in parallel.

Contrast: von Neumann architecture.

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A super Harvard architecture can be used when there are separate instruction and data memory banks.
The microcontroller leverages a Harvard architecture with 16-bit index registers and stack pointer, a 16Mbyte linear address space, advanced addressing modes, and other features designed to optimally support C-programming to deliver leading-edge CPU performance in both speed and code density.
DOREEN Lawrence is to achieve her dream of sending six underprivileged students on a Harvard architecture course in her murdered son's name.
The Super Harvard Architecture Computer (SHARC) chip is a monolithic processing subsystem consisting of 26 million transistors and 512 kB of on-chip static random access memory.
The 32-bit CISC RX core has Harvard architecture and a 5-stage instruction pipeline which achieves a RISC-like rate of one clock per instruction.
Specifically, CISC features such as variable-byte instructions are combined with RISC features such as general register machine, Harvard architecture, and five-stage pipeline.
Cyborg Civics', William Gibson, Harvard Architecture Review, vol 10, 1998, p173.
An advantage of the Harvard architecture over the Von Neumann architecture for space-based applications is that the program memory may be supported with special memory upset protection techniques.
The SH72546R is built around the SH-2A high-performance CPU core, which has a superscalar that enables it to execute two instructions simultaneously and a Harvard architecture.
The new CPU is based on a Harvard Architecture, which provides separate address and data paths, allowing the execution of instructions and data access in single cycle.
Using a traditional Harvard architecture, it features separate local, tightly coupled, instruction and data RAMs to eliminate memory contention and provide fast performance on performance-critical code and interrupt handling routines.

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