Al Hasa

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Hasa, Al

(äl hä`sä, hă`sə), region, E Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf. Administrated as the Eastern Province, HofufHofuf
or Al Hufuf
, town (1993 pop. 225,847), E Saudi Arabia. Textile manufacturing, food processing, and Arabian horse breeding are important economic activities. It is also a trade center for dates, wheat, and fruit and has a large mosque.
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 is the chief town. Dates, wheat, and rice are produced. It was taken from the Turks in 1914 by Ibn Saud. The discovery of large oil reserves in the 1930s transformed the region and is Saudi Arabia's chief oil-producing area.
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The project includes the longest bridge in Qatar with a length of 2.6km over Snay Bu Hasa, Al Waab Street and Al Rasheeda Street.
Caravans used to take the coastal routes from Abu Dhabi to Qatar, Al Hasa, Al Hofoof, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and then from Riyadh to Makkah.
The largest cities include Dammam, Al Hasa, Al Jubail, Ras Tanura, Dhahran, Al Khobar, and Al Qatif.