Hasenclever, Wilhelm

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Hasenclever, Wilhelm


Born Apr. 19, 1837, in Arnsberg; died July 3, 1889, in Schöneberg. German social democrat; Lassallean.

In his youth Hasenclever was a leather worker. He acquired a reputation as a poet. In 1864 he joined the Lassallean General German Workers’ Union and was its chairman during 1871-75. Hasenclever’s opportunistic position as one of the leaders of the Lassallean union was sharply criticized by Marx and Engels. In 1875, after the unification of the Lassal-leans with the Eisenach group into a single social democratic party (called the Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany until 1890), Hasenclever was elected one of the party’s chairmen. During 1876-78 he and W. Liebknecht edited the central organ of the social democratic party, Vorwärts.


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