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Finally, it saves the report's ID and hash code generated during the stamping in Timestamp Database.
i-1]) which were used to initialize the state are again used in the extraction of the hash code, but the counter is not used.
In order to solve the integrity issue; on the customer part the hash code is produced using SHA-1, of which is encrypted with the customer's private key.
has been complaining about possible election cheating and has raised concerns regarding the transparency server and hash code.
Shum, "QsRank: Query sensitive hash code ranking for efficient neighbor search," in Proc.
These include the absences of log file monitoring, backup files generation, non-display of the hash code, incapability to handle large data at similar time, absence of the required software utility, lack of the ballot definition management capability, and failure to show demonstration ballots.
The Linux Foundation bootloader provides a hash code, certified by Microsoft, and support infrastructure to boot a generic Linux kernel.
i]) forwarded by the reader matches with the stored hash code of the tags.
The password is as a hash code of the password string.
Upon upload, the original report along with its unique identifying hash code is captured and stored by AppraisalsCertified.
Any change in the hash code is an alert that the document's contents have been altered.
The third part of the protest focused on the alleged unauthorized introduction by a Smartmatic technician of a new hash code (or a new script / program) into the Transparency Server as well as the effects brought about by the unauthorized change.