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(Named after the logician Haskell Curry) A lazy purely functional language largely derived from Miranda but with several extensions. Haskell was designed by a committee from the functional programming community in April 1990. It features static polymorphic typing, higher-order functions, user-defined algebraic data types, and pattern-matching list comprehensions. Innovations include a class system, systematic operator overloading, a functional I/O system, functional arrays, and separate compilation.

Haskell 1.3 added many new features, including monadic I/O, standard libraries, constructor classes, labeled fields in datatypes, strictness annotations, an improved module system, and many changes to the Prelude.

Gofer is a cut-down version of Haskell with some extra features.

Filename extension: .hs, .lhs (literate programming).


["Report on the Programming Language Haskell Version 1.1", Paul Hudak & P. Wadler eds, CS Depts, U Glasgow and Yale U., Aug 1991].

[Version 1.2: SIGPLAN Notices 27(5), Apr 1992].

Haskell 1.3 Report.

Mailing list: <haskell-request@cs.yale.edu>.

Yale Haskell - Version 2.0.6, Haskell 1.2 built on Common Lisp.


Glasgow Haskell (GHC) - Version 2.04 for DEC Alpha/OSF2; HPPA1.1/HPUX9,10; SPARC/SunOs 4, Solaris 2; MIPS/Irix 5,6; Intel 80386/Linux,Solaris 2,FreeBSD,CygWin 32; PowerPC/AIX. GHC generates C or native code.


E-mail: <glasgow-haskell-request@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk>.

Haskell-B - Haskell 1.2 implemented in LML, generates native code.


E-mail: <hbc@cs.chalmers.se>.


A functional programming language named after American logician Haskell Curry. Haskell was developed by a group of researchers in the 1980s who were alarmed at the number of different functional languages being developed. Haskell adheres more to all the principles of functional programming than other languages but is considered challenging to write. First released in 1990, there are several implementations of Haskell, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) being the most prominent. See functional programming and programming language.
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