Hassan al- Amri

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Amri, Hassan al-


Born 1918 in Sana. State and military figure of the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR); divisional general (1965).

Amri received an elementary education in Yemen and graduated from Baghdad Military College with the rank of lieutenant on the eve of World War II. Until the September revolution of 1962, he served as inspector of radio communications in the royal ministry of communications. After the revolution he was minister of communications until April 1963. He was a member of the Presidential Council from April to June 1963 and served as chairman of the committee on economic and financial affairs. From February 1964 to January 1965 he was chairman of the Executive Council of the YAR. He was military governor-general and prime minister during January-April 1965. From December 1967 to July 1969, Amri was prime minister and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the YAR. He was a member of the Republican Council from November 1967 to September 1971.

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