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the name of a group of corrosion-resistant nickel alloys, namely the Ni—Mo and the Ni—Cr—Mo alloys. Depending on the desired combination of properties, Hastelloys contain varying amounts of Mo (up to 30 percent), Cr (up to 23 percent), Fe (up to 29 percent), and C (up to 0.15 percent). Some are alloyed with W (about 5 percent), Si (up to 10 percent), Co (up to 2.5 percent), or Cu, V, Ta, Nb, and other elements.

Hastelloys are characterized by high resistance to hydrochloric, sulfuric, phosphoric, acetic, and formic acids, to media containing ions of chlorine and fluorine, and to many organic media. Produced in the form of sheets, rods, wires, and castings, they are used mainly in the manufacture of chemical apparatus; some are used as heat-resistant materials. The brands N70M28F and Khl5N65M16V, among others, are produced in the USSR.


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The Siemens Sitrans MAG meters have a large variety of liners to suit almost any medium, as well as a choice of 316 steel, hastalloy, platinum, or titanium electrode materials and grounding electrodes as standard.
Tenders are invited for hastalloy coating of dhds column 2 c 2 trays by hvof method at mathura refinery
Validated SafeBridge Category III small-volume containment facility with hydrogenation capabilities producing < 1 kg to 5 kg in 100L scale GL and Hastalloy reactors at - 70-200[degrees] C
Inconel, Waspalloy, Hastalloy, and nickel-based titanium alloys are the typical materials.
For this pump application, due to the corrosive nature of the acid involved Seepex engineers proposed that internal metal parts were therefore manufactured from chemical resistant hastalloy and the pump casing of halar-coated cast iron which have proved ideal.
Optional water troughs, payoffs, takeups, conveyors, crossheads, straight-delivery heads, heated clamps, casters, leveling jacks, bimetallic barrels with or without Inconel facing, and flame-hardened Hastalloy or Stellite-tipped screws.
Instead of paying as much as (currently) $56,000 a (short) ton for ferromolybdenum, for example, to make a Hastalloy, a mill can use scrap Hastalloy inserts collected as described here as a feed to provide all of the necessary alloy elements in the correct proportion and significantly reduce the need for new ferrometal alloys.
Orders taken recently by the world's major aircraft manufacturers are likely to push demand for high tech alloys like Titanium 5553, Inconel, Monel, Hastalloy, and Waspalloy to the limit.
Rapidoor closures are available in carbon, clad or stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, Hastalloy and other metals.
Like ECM, the hardness of the workpiece is not a factor affecting electrochemical reactivity, so we can machine the hardest alloys, including Hastalloy, Inconel, and Stellite," said Tom Travia, a manufacturing engineer and sales manager at Everite.
The doors are available in carbon, clad or stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, Hastalloy and other metals, and can be custom-designed for specific sizes and access styles.
They are available in stainless steel and highly resilient PPS plastic with a choice of stainless or hastalloy rotor shafts, and tenon, EPDM or viton seals.