Hautbois Strawberry

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Hautbois Strawberry


(Fragaria moschata or Fragaria elatior), an annual herbaceous plant of the genus Fragaria of the family Rosaceae. The plants measure 30–35 cm high. The leaves are ternate, light green, cosíate, and heavily pubescent. The peduncles are taller than the stems of the leaves. The flowers are white and five-petaled. They are usually unisexual; however, some cultivated varieties are bisexual. The fruits are small conical berries, weighing 2–3 g; the receptacles are pinkish violet, and the pulp white. The berries are sweet and spicy, with a strong and distinctive aroma. The plants are quite winter-hardy, but extended periods of frost without snow can kill them. The hautbois strawberry is sensitive to drought. It grows and bears fruit most successfully in moderate shade. Its yield is markedly less than that of the pine strawberry (F. ananassas).

The hautbois strawberry grows wild throughout Europe (with the exception of Italy, Southern France, and Spain). It is cultivated in France, Italy, Great Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Democratic Republic, and the USSR.

The berries are used fresh or are made into jam. The varieties of these strawberries include the common Russian strawberry (diclinous plants) and the Milan strawberry (monoclinous plants with bisexual flowers). The pine strawberry is often erroneously called the hautbois strawberry. Procedures for its cultivation are similar to those for the pine strawberry.


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