Hautes Pyrénées

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Pyrénées, Hautes


a department in southwestern France, on the Spanish border in the Central Pyrenees. Area, 4,500 sq km. Population, 230,000 (1973). The capital is Tarbes. In 1968 industry employed 23 percent of the economically active population and agriculture 25 percent. The large output of electricity generated by hydroelectric power plants on the Gave de Pau, Adour, and Neste rivers is used in the local electrometallurgy industry. Among other industries are machine building (aircraft plants in Tarbes) and the manufacture of chemicals and footwear. Cattle and sheep are raised in mountain pastures, and wheat, corn, and grapes are grown in the foothills. Hog raising is also important. The department has mountain health resorts, such as Cauterets. Lourdes is a balneological resort and a place of pilgrimage.

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