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A microscopic unit of mature bone composed of layers of osteocytes and bone surrounding a central canal. Also known as Haversian system.



(also haversian system), a system in the bones of vertebrates and man that consists of from five to 20 lamellae arranged concentrically around a haversian canal. It is the structural unit that gives strength to compact bone. Osteons are interspersed with interstitial lamellae. (SeeHAVERSIAN CANALS.)

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Under polarized light microscopy and especially axial sections, the Haversian systems of the periosteum were of different sizes, had variable degrees of maturation, and contained immature bone.
The microscopic structure of mammalian bone consists of repeating units called Haversian systems.
Histologically these contain mature lamellated bone with haversian systems and may be surrounded by a thin connective tissue capsule.