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, river, E Ethiopia, rising near Addis Ababa and flowing c.500 mi (800 km) to a swampy lake near the Djibouti border. The Awash Valley is important agriculturally and has hydroelectric plants. A game reserve and national park lie along the river. The name is also spelled Hawash.
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, river.
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They will have the official signing of the agreement Tuesday of Wednesday, Hawash said.
Consistent evidence in literature points to the growth-enhancing effects of ICTs in developing (Roller and Waverman, 2001; Sridhar and Sridhar, 2007; Kathuria et al, 2009; Hawash and Lang, 2010) and developed (Oliner and Sichel, 2000; Oulton, 2002; Jorgenson, 2003; Jimenez-Rodriguez, 2012) countries.
Collins explained that breaking up with fiance Rami Hawash was a bad experience and the thought of going out with someone else is just a big no.
Sources close to size-20 Gemma, 32, who got engaged to boyfriend Rami Hawash on Christmas Day, say she is deeply upset and angry by James's lack of support.
Also presenting their papers of candidacy for the fifth district were Fawaz Buhaish Hawash Al-Azmi, Faisal Hassan Reda Hussein, Faisal Al-Khaldi, Majed Al-Rashash Al-Mutairi, Mohammad Nasser Al-Dosari, Mu'jeb Al-Qahtani and Nasser Al-Shemmari.
Gemma, who had an on-off romance with cast member James 'Arg' Argent, 24, but says they're now "just best friends", is living with current boyfriend Rami Hawash.
Al Zallaq Youth, who struggled during most of the stages of the game, scored a consolation goal through substitute Mohammed Hawash.
Kameel Hawash, a senior member of WM PSC, said: "We are here today because we believe the BBC has behaved in an atrocious manner.
ASHARQ AL AWSAT quoted political analyst Mohammad Hawash as saying: "There are two primary factors which changed Fatah and Hamas' stances regarding [their ties].
Eoe1/4EoThere is a political and security aspect to all this,Eoe1/4A[yen] said Jaber Abu Hawash of the Beirut-based Palestinian Human Rights Organisation.
There is a political and security aspect to all this," said Jaber Abu Hawash of the Beirut-based Palestinian Human Rights Organization.
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