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river, c.300 mi (480 km) long, rising in a lake NE of Lake Winnipeg, central Manitoba, Canada, and flowing NE to Hudson Bay. It was the chief route used by Hudson's Bay Company traders from Hudson Bay to Lake Winnipeg and the interior; York Factory, an important establishment of the company, is at its mouth.


Rutherford B(irchard). 1822--93, 19th president of the US (1877--81)


A modem manufacturer.


Address: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


A company that specialized in modems and remote access products. Based in Atlanta, GA, and founded in 1977 by Dennis Hayes, the company pioneered personal computer communications with the design of its Smartmodem and shipped its first 300 baud model in 1978. Initially Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc., it became Hayes Corporation in 1997 when it merged with Access Beyond, a spin-off of Penril Data Communications. Hayes filed for Chapter 11 in October 1998 and later ceased operations. Almost all modems use the Hayes command language (see AT command set).

In mid-1999, Zoom Telephonics purchased worldwide product and trademark rights for all Hayes analog modems except the EZ-Jack PCMCIA card. Zoom offers free technical support for the Hayes modems it produces. For more information, visit www.hayesmicro.com.

ModemExpress, Inc., Monticello, MN, obtained the Hayes domain name (www.hayes.com) and provides service and support of Hayes products. See Hayes Smartmodem.
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Hayes, who works at Palmdale's Greenbee Landscape Nursery, said he advises customers to water plants during daylight hours and cover their most vulnerable plants with cloth or burlap sheets -- not plastic -- at night.
The sale reflects continued progress in Hayes Lemmerz' plan to increase the focus on core products in select geographic areas," said Curtis Clawson, Hayes' president, CEO and chairman of the board.
In February 2004, Hayes entered a formal agreement with CRESA Partners to convert his 40-person Orange County operations from a high-profile competitor into a CRESA Partners office.
While Hayes himself and most of his supporters believed that Tilden had won--the pro-Republican Chicago Tribune headline read: "Lost.
The males' malformations--where a testis appears male at the top but becomes increasingly female toward the bottom--have been witnessed only in frogs exposed to atrazine, Hayes told Science News.
In May, Hayes, 46, walked away with a $20,000 cash award for the Best Manufacturing Industry Plan and executing the most effective and cogent small-business outline.
He woke up Zachariah Chandler, the Republican Party chairman, and Chandler telegraphed party leaders in states that had not reported their votes, telling them Hayes could win if he carried those states.
Through the collection's title and unifying concept, a provocative gesture alluding to Yusef Komunyakaa's idea of "muscular lyricism" Hayes speaks to the breadth of his influences.
Stephen H, Shapoff, executive vice president and CFO of Ivy Hill Corporation, a Time Warner company, and a member of Financial Executive's editorial advisory board, interviewed Michael Hayes for this article.
The Standstill Agreement between Hayes Corporation and the holders of the 6% Convertible Preferred Stock has been extended to April 12, 1998, to provide time to prepare the documents required by the Memorandum of Agreement.
Professor Hayes serves on the Board of Managers of Swarthmore College, the Board of Overseers of the New England Conservatory of Music, and on the Boards of Directors of Tiffany & Company, Telect, Inc.
An expert on child psychiatry, Hayes split his time between a private practice in Pasadena and the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine, where he served as professor of clinical psychiatry for 23 years and won numerous teaching awards.